Ready to Govern

Our Ontario PC team of all-star candidates will be ready to govern on day one

Jun 06, 2018
Get Ontario Moving!

Doug Ford and an Ontario PC government will get Ontario moving by investing in public transit and reducing the price of gas for drivers

Jun 05, 2018
Change for the People

Doug Ford and the Ontario PC Party will deliver change for the people

Jun 04, 2018
Hitting the Ground Running

Doug Ford and our Ontario PC team are ready to hit the ground running and deliver change for Ontarians

Jun 04, 2018
Support for our Workers

Doug Ford and an Ontario PC government will support our workers

Jun 02, 2018

Live on the Campaign Trail

Doug Ford will Cut Gas Taxes by Ten Cents Per Litre Predicts a Liberal/NDP carbon tax agenda that would see prices at the pump soar to $2.00/litre! May 16, 2018

Rally in Niagara Falls Doug Ford visits Niagara Falls to Rally for a Better Ontario! May 14, 2018

Doug Ford Will Bring Jobs Back to Ontario Its time to for Ontario to be “Open for Business” May 14, 2018

Doug Ford Will Invest in Dental Care for Low-Income Seniors Latest in a series of commitments to help Ontario seniors May 12, 2018

Andrea Horwath's extreme NDP no longer working for the people of Northern Ontario NDP star anti-jobs candidate opposes mining in the North. May 11, 2018

Rally in Barrie Doug Ford visits Barrie to Rally for a Better Ontario! May 11, 2018

Doug Ford will Cut Middle Class Taxes Cutting second tax bracket by 20% will put more money in pockets of middle class families. May 10, 2018

Rally in Renfrew! Doug Ford visits Renfrew to Rally for a Better Ontario! May 09, 2018

Watch Doug’s plan to fix Ontario’s education system by respecting parents and getting back to basics Will replace Kathleen Wynne’s ideological ‘discovery math’ and sex-ed curricula, fix standardized testing and protect free speech on university campuses May 09, 2018

Doug Ford Will Get Ontario Moving Will upload TTC and fund transit projects in Niagara, Mississauga, Brampton, Ottawa, Hamilton, London and Kitchener-Waterloo. May 09, 2018